Beavercreek Firefighters in NYC

Posted on Thursday, September 2nd, 2010 at 3:00 pm

On September 2, 2010 Beavercreek, Ohio firefighters, David Young and Brian Seabold, drove from Ohio to pick up the WTC steel at Hangar 17 that will be used in a 9/11 Memorial in their town.

They were both deployed to Ground Zero with Ohio Task Force One on September 11, 2001.  Firefighter, Brian Seabold had not returned since his work and recover efforts to search for the victims of the 9/11 attack on the WTC.

Screen shots from the documentary, The Art of Memories, currently in production:

Beavercreek Memorial Committee member, Mark Marderosian discussing transport and maintenance with Preservationist Peter Gatt while the firefighters load and anchor the 9/11 Steel outside Hangar 17 at the JFK Airport.


Brian Seabold (near) supports the steel while David Young anchors it for its 654 mile journey to Beavercreek, OH.


David Young stabilizes the steel with wood.


David Young regards a photo he just took of the steel.


A visit to a 9/11 Memorial room in a Harlem Firehouse.


An emotional experience.


NYC firefighter, Frank Leeb, gifts a flag from an NYC firetruck for the 9/11 steel’s trip to Beavercreek, OH.


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