Steel in Snow

Posted on Wednesday, March 9th, 2011 at 3:00 pm

March 9, 2011 was an intense day of shooting at four different locations.  It was haunting to see the WTC Steel buried in snow in upstate New York at a metal fabrication facility.

Screen shots from the documentary, The Art of Memories, currently in production:

Sculptor Noah Savett discusses waiting out the winter snow to begin work on the 9/11 Memorial for Saratoga Springs, NY


Noah’s dog, Thunder, romps in the snow around the WTC Steel


A cross cut into the WTC Steel by volunteers at Ground Zero.


Photographer Lawrence White lived in NYC and captured the Twin Towers fall.  He is documenting Tempered by Memory and discusses how it is a powerful experience for him to see something artistic created out of the destruction he witnessed.


One of Noah’s employees flips his hood up to show off the company’s logo embroidered on the back of his coat.


Sculptor John Van Alstine points out the location for the Tempered by Memory 9/11 Memorial in downtown Saratoga Springs, NY


Sculptor Noah Savett in his studio in Saratoga Springs, NY


John shows a rough model created to demonstrate what Tempered by Memory will look like.  The actual piece of WTC Steel was melted and twisted into a heart-like shape during the collapse of the Twin Towers. This model approximates that poignant phenomena.


A momentary break from discussing the fundraising process for Elizabeth Dubben and Joel Reed from the Saratoga Arts Council.








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