Mark Schaming shares his involvement with Hangar 17, the WTC artifacts and the 9/11 Memorials.
Measuring the WTC Steel at Hangar 17 for the Tempered by Memory project.
Sculptor Noah Savett stands next to one of the pieces of WTC Steel selected by Saratoga.
The Art of Memories Film
Volunteers setting up the entertainment at the Popcorn Festival.
Ohio politicians attended the weekend's event which included a vintage and antique car show.
Crowds surrounded the WTC Steel the entire Popcorn Festival.
It was eerie and strange to see the WTC Steel alone after shooting it surround by people all day.
A midnight visit to see the WTC Steel at night still secured with yellow bows.
Raising money for the 9/11 Memorial at the Beavercreek Popcorn Festival.
The Mayor's wife and Popcorn Festival Committee member Nancy Hadley excited the day has gone off so well.
The WTC Steel was honored with a 21 Gun Salute at the event.
Marc Marderosian, Memorial Committee member and father to Mark Marderosian, awaits the WTC Steel's arrival.
Beavercreek Mayor Scott Hadley guides the truck carrying the WTC Steel.
A proud display of pins and insignias.
Measuring the WTC Steel in Beavercreek, OH
Beavercreek city employees follow the process with interest.
The Art of Memories Film
Photographs don't reveal the impact the steel will have in person as Gary learns that day.
Architect Gary Snyder is working pro-bono on the  Beavercreek, OH 9/11 Memorial.
Preliminary plans for the Beavercreek, OH 9/11 Memorial center around the WTC Steel.
Gary has designed many firehouses and most corners of his office are filled with items such as these.
The average third grader is nine years old - most of the children weren't even born on 9/11.
The kids throw peace signs our way as they file out of class.
NYC Firefighter Frank Leeb has spoken with every student in Jo Ann's class every September 11th since 9/11.  2010 was the first year it fell on a weekend. He called the class on Monday September 13 that year.
Teacher Jo Anne Rigano holds an NYC firehouse flag gifted the school.
Brian often finds himself being interviewed now.  The other firefighters love to poke fun at him about it.
The Beavercreek Memorial Park holds a special place in the hearts of Beavercreek residents with the close proximity of the Wright Patterson Air Force Base, the largest United States Air Force Base.
Brian Seabold leads the training drill.
Young Beavercreek firefighters hear the story of the steel's journey.
The flag's tattered edges and holes tells the story of the years it proudly rode atop an NYC firetruck
The firefighters stop and visit a 9/11 Memorial room in a Harlem Firehouse.
Brian Seabold (near) supports the steel while David Young anchors it for its long journey
Beavercreek Memorial Committee member, Mark Marderosian discussing transport and maintenance with Preservationist Peter Gatt while the firefighters load and anchor the 9/11 Steel outside Hangar 17 at the JFK Airport
David Young regards a photo he just took of the steel
David Young stabilizes the steel with wood
NYC firefighter, Frank Leeb, gifts a flag from an NYC firetruck to the 9/11 steel's trip to Beavercreek, OH
The Art of Memories Film